Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Mia's Review: Cake Spade

credits to Cake Spade

Yes, I know I'm supposed to be on a eat healthy diet (with the B12+Folate deficiency anemia going on) but I cannot do without cakes! T.T 
I first stumbled onto Cake Spade after a google search of "cake cafes near tanjong pagar" due to a pretty sudden cake craving while waiting for T at the mrt station. And subsequently, I returned with A recently for a quick cake fix. 

Located around Orchid Hotel, I have to be honest to say that Cake Spade is a cafe so small and humble looking, with just 6 seatings in the interior and a couple more humbly plain looking tables and chairs laid out on the outside, that you probably will just walk right past it without a second look or the slightly recognition that that's a friggin awesome cake cafe right there. 

Chinese Apple Pomegranate Green Tea

I first saw this selling at Cedele and instantly got attracted to the pretty bottles! But due to the price (it was about $4.50 or so), I didn't want to buy it then for I tend to spend less on a pick-and-go as compared to a cafe-hopping trip. So yup, tried it at Cake Spade instead. :)
But frankly speaking, judging from the fact that you probably will not be keeping the bottle after consuming the beverage, the price tag does not justify the purchase at all.

Nutella Fudge Crumble - $4.50

A layer of fudge and nutella sandwiched between a buttery short crust pastry and a layer of crumbs! Sounds yummy, eh?

And to show how runny the fudge-nutella layer is.

First bite, heavenly! The bottom crust tasted like an exceptionally short (buttery and crumbly) shortbread and the top layer of crumbs added just the right amount of crunchiness oomph up the overall texture of this decadent treat!
But as you slowly polish the entire bar off the plate, things might get a little difficult as the taste is way too rich, both the chocolate-nutty richness of the filling and the buttery fragrance of the bottom and top layers just made it too jerlat (strong, overpowering) for me.
Best to visit with a friend (or two) and share a few other choices of goodies together so as to not experience a sweet-richness overkill.

Oreo Cookie Brownie - $3.20

Come on, oreo cookies, brownie, and a huge scoop of vanilla ice cream on top. What more can you ask for?
The brownie was rich, chocolatey and very dense. I remembered it was a little too dry and dense for my liking and the oreo cookie were somehow, too soft and soggy. Would have been a perfect match made in heaven, but oh well, it somehow fell short of my expectation, which I have to admit that I might have unknowingly set them a little too high?

Red Velvet Cake - $5.90

Of course, with T around how can we not have red velvet cake? Look at the moist layer of red sponge cake and pretty swirls of cream cheese icing on top!
But I didn't really try out the taste, for I'm really not a fan of red velvet (mostly due to the cream cheese icing).

And on my 2nd visit with A, I got myself a cup of Iced Latte due to the hot weather.
The coffee was just so-so, and quickly got washed down when the ice started to melt.

Chocolate Blackout Cake - $5.90

A classic chocolate cake with moist chocolate sponge cake and iced with rich and smooth chocolate ganache.
This cake is truly decadent and is a must try for all chocolate-addicts out there. The sponge layer is (obviously) moist and soft, and the ganache velvety smooth and rich. But once again, the taste can be pretty jerlat even for a chocolate-lover like me, so sharing with fellow chocoholic friends is highly recommended.

Lastly, Strawberry Tofu Cheesecake - $5.90

Yeah of course, how can we miss out their signature cake?
And with just one bite, both A and I nodded our heads and said, "Yummy!" Worthy of the signature tag indeed! The cheesecake was truly of an almost tofu-like consistency, super smooth and finely textured, which literally melts away in your mouth. Topped with quite a generous chunk of fresh strawberries encased in sweetened jelly, this is a remarkably light and refreshing cheesecake. A pleasant surprise indeed, for I've always feel that cheesecakes are the most jerlat cake of all.

Cake Spade is located at 1 Tras Link, #01-06, Orchid Hotel
For more information, visit their website HERE

Till then
Mia Foo


  1. I love the play on words for the cafe name. The cake looks so yum.

  2. nutella! :p major love! and the cheesecake looks absolutely delectable ! will put this place on my to do list for sg cafes ;)

  3. I love the red velvet one .. oh God.. Now i need to grab a bite as well.. :D nice images <3 giglove

  4. shall go to try the cake after my papers on 21

  5. Hahaha cute cafe name! Aww these desserts look so good especially that oreo brownie <3

  6. seriously all these desserts are so delicious..
    makes me hungrehhhhh :')

  7. Great post, all the cakes look so delicious and yummy :) ~ gig

  8. Oh wow, they look fab! And the Red velvet cake is just amazing! I wish I had some right now!

  9. oh my god, i read your post and suddenly make me feel hungry^^
    @freddy_friday blog

  10. All this cake is making me want to eat cake now, although it's breakfast time haha. Not sure which one I'd choose! x giglove

  11. Oh my! These cakes look irresistible!!! Would love to try the red velvet one :D


  12. Waaw the nuttela, you success make me want cake so bad now.


  13. Aaahh!!! Nutella <3 All of them are looking equally mouth watering and delicious to me ... *heaven*

  14. OMG The cakes looks sooooo good!! I want it!! =D

  15. These cakes are so tempting! I want to eat them all :D GIG

  16. my heaven. id have one of everything please!

  17. you had me drooling over this post! Those desserts look so delicious! giglove

  18. I'm suddenly STARVING! These pictures are absolutely drool-worthy. This looks delicious! <3 GIGLove

  19. Oh well, sweet tooth! Chocolate Blackout and fudge-nuttela definitely haunted me. BTW, Cake Spade sounds more like Kate Spade, the fashion brand, eh? Nice posting!


  20. Oh my Yumminess!!!! I could so go for everything above right now!

  21. Funny it sounds like Kate Spade!! Was this intentional? Anyway the cakes look yum !

    GIG Love

    New Post - xoxo Chaicy - Style..A Pastiche!

  22. Awww the red velvet looks so tempting!>< makes me hungry now TT


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