Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Wellness Wednesday: Gym Etiquette

Hello, fellow fitness junkies! Yup, it's #wellnesswednesday again and this week I'm going to share with you on my take on proper gym etiquette, which you may also read as: what pisses me off at the gym. 

So, here it goes. My top 5 gym etiquette to remember. 

1. Dress appropriately. 
We're here to exercise, sweat like pigs, lose fats and get healthy. We're not here to look around and hopefully can get some 'eye-treats' from your indecent exposure due to inappropriate attire, really. One thing that seriously pissed me off (or rather, disgusted me) are those men wearing loose and airy FBT shorts for yoga. Like, seriously?! 
Come on, don't tell me you didn't realise that the poor lady on the mat right behind you will be staring straight at your balls as you do the Adhra Chandrasana pose?

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2. Do not gym when you're ill (namely coughs and runny noses).
You'll be surprised at how hardcore some gym rats can get. Or perhaps, they're smokers having the usual smokers' cough, I'm not sure. But I'm definitely sure that it's annoying as hell when you're sucking in large gulps of air while working out and the joker beside you is coughing hard as though your lungs are his. 
And runny noses, oh please don't. There was once this middle aged man was having a runny nose and yet, joined the hot yoga class. Imagine my horror and disgust as I see the thick mucus dripping down his face and HANGING in mid air as he was trying hard to balance on the half moon pose. 

Oh my goodness, no. We deserve to exercise in comfort, please. 

3. Do not drop the weights when you're done. 
This is one of my biggest peeves, especially when I'm doing meditation after the yoga class. What's worst than the excessive thuds & shakes on the ground, paired with loud 'clink clank clunk' as that dude who obviously over-challenged himself couldn't take it and decided to let go of the bar? 

4. Clean up after yourself.
You're given TWO towels (for my local gyms), one bath towel and one face/work-out towel for a good reason. PUT THEM TO GOOD USE. 
The face towel isn't just good to wipe the perspiration off your face, it does a wonderful job of wiping down the equipment/mat drenched in your sweat, too. 

5. Be on time.
Look, I know how strong your resolve is for you to skip lunch in order to join a group-x class, but if you're really late then forget it! Use the equipment instead, there's so many around for you to choose! 
I find it exceptionally irritating when those latecomers insist on joining the class even though the instructor reminded them that class has commenced, warm up is over, and no one else should be joining. They'll just waltz in, ignore what the instructor has said, and start dragging their mats across yours (and flipping a corner up) or even worse, slapping their mats against your feet while they drag it to that 'best spot' they love, which usually is the furthest corner away from the mat-keeping corner. 

So, what are your take on the gym etiquette everyone should follow?

Till then,
Mia Foo


  1. Snot and yoga! Bad times! #WeightlossWednesday

  2. This is all so true, but it made me laugh so hard, what a great post!! A horrible mental picture entered my mind of that man in his shorts, so disgusting!!!!
    Mackenzie Glanville

  3. Hahahaha I LOVE this and I'm so glad you picked this one, Mia! I can so relate also I can't stand those loud obnoxious guys who grunts so loud as if they are about to go into labor! Then I look and they're not even lifting that heavy hahahaa.

    Love your post and thank you so much for linking up so sorry for my late visit. Hugs!

  4. Awesome tips Mia! thank you for sharing this :D

  5. Some great advice! Maybe I should sway the Gym Hogger in this direction! :) Thank you for linking up with #WeightLossWednesday - new linky live tomorrow! Sim x

  6. Great post, I really like these rules other than the picture of the snotty nose haha. A few of these bug me when I'm at the gym too. I saw a guy sweat all over the bike and it made me feel so ill, I still to this day will not go on that bike.

    Mine would also be for men not to stare, it always puts me off and sometimes I feel like a bit of meat.

    GIG LOVE | The Life of Leeshastarr

  7. ew! I totally know what you mean about gross people at the gym when sick and also the loud weight lifters! I also hate when they like yell or grunt really loud LOL. It's funny, but seriously so annoying after awhile! - stop by and chat!

  8. Great tips, one should definitely keep these things in mind if they really want good result :)

  9. oh just wish the gyms actually took this write-up and made it into a rules poster. So perfect and to the point.
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  10. personally hate it when I am exercising beside a sick person, the amount of germs - unthinkable!

  11. Nice! I've never thought about gym etiquette article :D
    Thanks for sharing ^^


  12. Good tip not going to the gym when you are sick! Your body needs rest!

    XO, Rachel

  13. Really enjoyed reading this post even though I don't go to the gym! At least if I do decide to go I'll know what to do :p but these are really just polite and respectful things to do anyway so completely agree with your etiquette tips :) x
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  14. I love everything you mentioned. They perfectly address my peeves w other people who go to the gym. Esp those who coughs anD Stuff!

  15. You are seriously my hero for tackling this topic!! I agree 100% with all of your tips. Two of my biggest pet peeves at the gym are people who listen to music OUT LOUD and people who don't re-rack their weights at the end of their workout.

  16. I like clean up point! Really more people should read it and actually do it.

  17. totally agree on the clean one! seen seats that are sweaty and I'm like ew

  18. Cleaning up after workout it's a must and it's so terrible that some people don't wipe down the equipment.

  19. dress appropriately is really important to avoid any injury gym. Don't forget to warm up first
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  20. actually im not really gym person. and sometimes its so lazy to bring 2 different towels. XD anyway nice tips.

  21. The 3rd one is a great reminder for me!! Great tips!! =)

  22. oh i feel the old man.....flu is terrible...i hv sinus so everywhere i go tissue must be with me!

  23. Thanks for sharing these tips. I know a lot of people who really need to read this post before they enter the gym :D GIG love :)

  24. OMG !!! You heard me right here ... I so want to scream my lungs out after every workout sessions to the people who do these mistakes. Wonderful tips x

  25. Make sure your knee does not extend further than your toes; avoid leaning over your foot. healthy tips for weight loss

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