Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Mia's Travelogue: Malacca Eats - Nadeje

Over the long weekend, I decided to drop by Malacca for a short getaway with T. Well, weather was really hot with nothing much for sightseeing and shopping, so we literally spent 3 days eating like a pig. 

And so, let's get started on my humble recommendations!

Was strongly recommended to drop by for their Mille Crepes by T's friend, and it's just so lucky that there's 2 branches near our hotel (one at Mahkota Parade and one at Mahkota Plaza, Jln PM 4) and so we visited both branches on 2 different mornings! 

Look at the different selection of  mille crepes! Well, I would really love to try their Royal Milk Tea, but too bad they're no available on both days (and both branches) I visited. 

Strawberry Chocolate

Rum & Raisins

Well, look at the different layers of crepes with generous layer of flavoured cream smeared in between. And yes, that's yours truly staring at the strawberry chocolate mille crepe like a psycho....

Mango Yoghurt

 Double Chocolate

Out of the 4 flavours, I'll say the Mango Yoghurt and Double Chocolate were the nicer one. Well, Rum & Raisins was good too, but I'm personally not a huge fan, so... yeah.

Strawberry Chocolate was pretty, but the overall taste was quite disappointing as you know, chocolate crepe doesn't really have much of a chocolate taste by itself, and without any chocolate cream, it tasted more like strawberries and cream instead of strawberry chocolate. 

Double Chocolate, on the other hand, was well done! Soft chocolate crepe with airy chocolate whipped cream in between and topped with a layer of chocolate ganache. Rich, chocolately, yummy!

Mango Yoghurt was like a palate refresher to the rich and heavy flavour from Double Chocolate. The mango puree layer on top was generous and tangy, the crepe soft and whipped cream light and airy. A must try for those who enjoy a tangy mango! 

Dark Chocolate Cafe Latte

Look at the amount of chocolate sauce at the bottom and the glob of thick cream at the top. 
T wasn't truly impressed, but I loved this so much! The coffee taste was strong, coupled with a rich chocolate taste.... 
A must try for all mocha (or chocolate coffee) lovers!

Malacca Cafe Latte

We drank it without any addition of sugar (I usually add 1 sachet of sugar to my cafe latte) and I believe it's because the latte is flavoured with Gula Melaka, although I cannot be sure. 
It was definitely yummy, but I'll get another chocolate coffee anytime. :)

For more locations of Nadeje, visit their website HERE

Till then,
Mia Foo


  1. I wish I'm in Singapore! Oh my those sweets looks yummy.

    1. erm, but this is not in singapore. it's malacca, malaysia.

  2. The double chocolate pastry and the dark chocolate cafe latte look soooooo good...yumm...

  3. Fab recommendations! Look at those layers in the cakes! I so wish I could bake something that looked half as good as those haha x
    | Life as a Petite || Fashion, Crafts & Lifestyle Blog |

  4. So nice! Are the photos taken by ur new mini?

    I wanted to try those mille crepes too after reading chikumama's blog previously, but was too much of a glutton in Malacca..didn't have space for it after stuffing all the dimsum, chicken rice balls and gula melaka chendols :/

    1. yup! but I'm still using it as a point shoot camera for now. hahaha!

      I didn't eat any dimsum and chicken rice balls there. T's colleague told him they suck really bad now, and she wanna puke when she ate it. so we didn't bother to go try. I walked by the 2 shops at jonker, quite empty also....

  5. puke?? seriously? then why she still eat?
    makes me curious which bad stalls/restaurants she visited.. there were quite a number we passed by, but iirc only 2 were well-known/good/popular.. the chicken rice balls i tried were quite fragrant! :) http://oyhz.blogspot.sg/2014/01/malaysia-road-trip-malacca.html

    speaking of it now and looking at the mille crepes makes me feel like going back for a food trip soon!

  6. mango yoghurt its pretty delicious.
    makes my mouth watering! omg i should try it :')

  7. These are yummy pictures made me crave for them. Great post :)

  8. Nam!!! All these things look so yummy! Im now craving a delicious piece of chocolate and cream cake!


  9. wow these all looks yummy...i would love to try mango yoghurt..

  10. The double chocolate looks nice, I will pick that one to try from Mille Crepe... thanks for sharing

  11. The cake looks so good, but I'm not such a huge fan of mille crepe, but it looks so so delish! =)

  12. The cakes look so yummy. I really want to try the Strawberry chocolate, I love strawberries and creme so wouldn't be too upset that there wasn't a big chocolate taste.

    GIG Love - The Life of Leeshastarr

  13. i love their mille crepe but i love food foundry ones more..now i am craving for nice tea time...

  14. oh my gosh, such lovely pics of nom noms, I just really wanna eat it all now :(


  15. Those mille crepes look delicious! I have a big sweet tooth so I'd love to try them <3

  16. These look so good that you may forget to count the calories. Looking away, I may put on weight even looking.
    - Heena, GigLove www.icynosure.in

  17. Mille crepes look seriously deliciously. Glad you had such a wonderful time dear :)

  18. wow, those food picture!!! I'm so jelly of you, lucky girl! :p

    GIG Love,

  19. i really want to try all the mille crepe! i want to make it one day ^^


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