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Mia's Review: Win Win Food Snacks [Sponsored]

All thanks to Win Win, it felt like Christmas came early for me!

Win Win Food is a leading manufacturer of delectable potato crisps, cereal crisps, corn snacks, wafer rolls, chocolate sweets and a wide range of other delicious biscuit and cookie products.

With its state-of-the-art fully-equipped factory located in Malaysia, Win Win produces a repertoire of food products for distribution in Singapore, Malaysia and throughout the Asia Pacific (including China, Japan and Korea) and the Middle East. Over the years, Win Win has invested substantially in infrastructure, equipment and manpower, adopting the latest technology food processing equipment to produce its tasty and mouth-watering morsels. And to prove its driven dedication to quality, Win Win has obtained both HACCP and GMP certifications and is an ISO 22000 Certified Manufacturer. All Win Win Foods products are also Halal certified.

To meet the health conscious demands of today’s consumers, many of Win Win’s products are completely vegetarian. Win Win’s tasty snacks are packaged in fun, bold and distinctive wrappers, and most importantly, have that Win Win taste.

 And I'm definitely going to rave about this (or these)!

Mini Pockets (Chocolate and Vanilla flavours)

These mini pocket snacks are absolutely addictive! I could easily finish one whole bag by myself while watching TV because I just can't stop popping them! The pockets (I kept thinking they're called pillows because they sure resemble one) are of the same (if not better) crisp, light and flaky texture of the usual wafer roll sticks (or some call them love letters) and the chocolate filling within was smooth, rich and soft (for I kept them at room temperature). As for the vanilla flavoured ones, the filling was not overly sweet, and has a strong milky fragrance.
It's just like a yummy wafer roll with a flakier, crispier 'shell' that comes in bite size, which gives you no messy crumbs-dropping problem.
Can this get any better?

Moroll Wafer Rolls (Vanilla & Chocolate)

Tasted like those mini pockets, but in stick forms. The thicker rolls of the wafer biscuit made crunching into one less crisp and flaky as compared to munching on a mini pocket, but it still taste equally awesome.

Potato Crisp (BBQ, Sour Cream, Vegetable and Tomato Flavours)

I got the BBQ, Vegetable and Sour Cream flavours.
These crisp has the texture of a potato chip meets wafer biscuit, and is lightly flavoured with a hint of potato that slowly dissolves into a buttery biscuit flavour. My favourite has to be the vegetable flavour as it goes extremely well with the potato and wafer biscuit tastes.

Cornbis, Sweet Corn Crackers (Cheese and Original Flavours)

I only got the original flavour, and just like their potato counterpart, it has a crisp cum wafer biscuit texture and has a sweet corn fragrance at first bite which gradually turns into a sweet, buttery biscuit flavour.

Happy Moo (Chocolate and Butter Flavours)

Frankly speaking, I have no idea why these biscuits are called Happy Moo (I was expecting cow faces) but they're indeed cute, smiley faces that popped out of the bag. These mildy flavoured, bite sized buttery biscuits are the perfect mid-afternoon treat in the office with a cup of coffee. 

Lover (Chocolate and Vanilla Flavours)

These sandwich crackers comes in 3 layers of crackers with 2 layers of cream filling, and is a perfect choice to fill a growling tummy in between meals. I'll personally prefer the vanilla flavour over the chocolate flavour, as the combination of chocolate crackers with vanilla cream filling gives a taste with more complexity rather than chocolate on chocolate. 

Lastly, Win Win also sent me one of their latest product launched recently.

 Nutri 5 Cereal Crisp (Original and Chocolate Flavours)

The cereal bits are actually a lot finer than shown on the picture of the packaging, make it really easy to chew and swallow. The chocolate ones are really yummy and apparently, we can also prepare it as a hot cereal drink just by adding it to hot water!

To find out more about Win Win snacks and try them out for yourselves, visit their online store HERE
Otherwise, you can also find Win Win snacks at NTUC, Giant, Sheng Shiong, and even Watson's and Popular Bookstores.

Till then,
Mia Foo


  1. Wah.. so many snacks!~ Time to eat snacks!! Take a breakie!

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  3. I'm so hungry by now.... I want them all! I hope i can find 'em in Indonesia!
    Thanks for sharing :)

  4. Those snacks indeed look yumm and I wish I could get them here !! I'm soo hungry now !!

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  5. I can't watch any of my shows without munching on something. It's an addiction! Haha. These look really yummy! I want to try those pockets for myself.

  6. That's a lot of snacks! It's always interesting to see snacks from other countries, but I bet more interesting to taste! x
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  7. Many snacks XD Forget Diet xD
    Temptation :3

    Thanks for sharing ^^

  8. never seen their food around before but I would love to try the chips :D

  9. Yummy looking items! I don't have this brand here, but have similar products which I love

  10. So many snacks! I am afraid that if someone gives all those snacks to, I will eat them all in one sitting!

  11. Awww childhood memories are here!! =D Yummy snacks!! Love all the snacks here =)

  12. So many snacks, I've not heard of any of them before but I'd love to try them out

  13. i love junk food.. ha ha... gotta look for this brand in my local store :P

  14. they all look so delish! i would have demolished them by now haha

  15. omg! i really love to eat snack.
    and those are very tempting.
    nice review dear <3

  16. Snacks are so yum.. but i see a lot of unfamiliar brands here :P

    GIG love,

  17. My kids love the choco pockets - sigh junk food. can't live with them, can't live without them! argh!


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