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Mia's Review: Tips for Oily Skin from Dermagold [Advertorial]

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Troubled by super duper oily skin? Always running out of facial blotters?
Well, did you know that the more your blot, the oilier you get?
So ditch those stacks of blotting papers and start investing in a good set of skincare products that not only hydrate and nourish your skin, but also keep a tab on your overly active sebum secreting glands.
And with that, I have not just one, but two products from Dermagold that can help to keep our embarrassment of a dirty-looking, overly shiny face at bay.

Miracle C+ - $69
First up, it's their award winning product, Miracle C+, which I've already done a review on it last month. Read my detailed review HERE to find out how this product has improved my skin condition over 1 month of usage!

Together with the Miracle C+, I was also using Dermagold's Botanical Acne Gel for spot treatment and overall prevention of breakouts at the usual 'blemish hotspots' on my face.

 The botanical acne gel is for local spot treatment of acne and can be used as an overnight treatment. It is also good as a prevention for acne prone and oily skin.

A very artistic shot of my botanical acne gel. Heh!

The gel may feel a little thick but spreads rather well and leaves a tingling sensation on the skin, probably due to its alcohol content. Scent wise, it has a pretty strong herbal smell, which may not be the most well-received kind of scent for something we put on our faces, but it's still acceptable and goes away after a while. 

I prefer using this in the day together with the Miracle C+, under my make up, on my T-zone to prolong the time of having my face oil-free under the hot sun. 

As its efficacy is pretty strong, I'll highly recommend that you ladies do not be greedy with its application, nor use it on your entire face, hoping to be shine-free the entire day. If you're skin is not oily enough, you might just end up with extremely dry (peeling) skin. So do be careful with the amount you dab onto your face, or perhaps, use it every other day/night. 

Dermagold is currently stocked at Hadara Aesthetics Boutique
23 Lorong Telok #01-01, Singapore 049035

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Till then,
Mia Foo


  1. Well, I might look for this when my skin tend to be oily. But after stepping another age and entering my earlier 30s, I feel that my skin tends to dry now. It's a nice post, girl and I think the product is really good too.


  2. how's the effect like after application? I suppose this would be ideal for those who cannot use drugstore brands!

  3. what a great product.
    i dont think if this able to purchase in my country.
    great review :D

  4. I don't have oily skin, but the gel sounds like a good product.

  5. I have oily skin, would love to try it out as soon as I have it =D

  6. Never try this brand before, looks nice!~ Would like to try out if got chance..

  7. Having an oily skin is one heck of a job, you always need to make sure that it isn't shinning or breaking right?
    I am glad that you found a perfect solution for oily skin problems.

  8. Sounds like a great product, I was worried at first about the smell but if it goes away quite quickly then that's great! Thanks for sharing x
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  9. I personally have dry skin and this product is not for me. But would love to recommend it to my sis. She would love it for sure :)

  10. haven't heard of this brand before but sounds like an effective product.

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  11. Great post, just what I really needed at the moment. The products you've picked are awesomely perfect.
    - Heena,

  12. i wouldnt mind trying these out! but its a shame i can't get my hands on them here

  13. I'm lucky to not have oily skin but this is a great post, I've never heard of Dermagold before thougg.

  14. I had oily skin but I found it went away just with proper moisturization. Good tips!

  15. I do have oily skin in summer ! I'd surely try the Miracle + forumal on my T Zone as suggested by you!

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  16. Sounds like a very good product!
    But I think I don't need this since my face is normal combination to dry skin ><
    Thanks for sharing! Looking up to their other products :D



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