Tuesday, 1 September 2015

BlogMeetSG #3 at The Nail Social

Did you remember about my first BlogMeetSg experience at Edit Lifestyle earlier this year? Well, just mid last week, I was really honoured to be invited by Lucy Waring of Lulabelle Lifestyle to be part of BlogMeetSg #3, a small pamper party session at The Nail Social.

And that's a seriously pretty staircase landing to welcome you as you climb up the flight of stairs to The Nail Social. 

Just like the first #BlogMeetSG, it was a really cozy meet up with fellow bloggers and sponsors, while enjoying a complimentary quickie manicure or pedicure of our choice from The Nail Social. 

Other than an exceptionally comfy chair, with a blanket at every seat for ladies wearing short skirts or dresses, you'll be glad to know that The Nail Social provides every customer with an iPad (and headphones!) for entertainment purposes while getting their nails done.

Snapping a picture of the set up while waiting in line for my quickie manicure....

It was finally my turn and I took a while to choose my colour from their range of OPI and Zoya polishes...

TADAA~ I know, it's either green or pink. I'm so predictable.
Because this OPI colour is a little too light, the manicurist gave me 3 coats of the colour to achieve a better opacity.

And of course, when you have a group of ladies together, you must have some sweet treats around, yeah?

These pamper cakepops by moofypops are just so adorable! They're like tiny women's head doing a pampering facial and impaled on sticks.... Erm, yeah... that explains why I didn't eat them.

So, I naturally chose to eat a bottle of nail polish instead. 

Not enjoying the licorice cap that much, I was hoping for a tootsie roll but got licorice instead. 

Other than ridiculously pretty sweet treats, we also got to make a sample of our own lip balm, all thanks to shophousesixtyfive.
Scooping a concoction of beeswax and a handful of other natural oils into our sample containers, add in a few drops of our choice of essential oil, and viola~

Our very own personalised shophousesixtyfive sample lipbalm for the night!

Just a side note, for all fellow coffee lovers out there, you absolutely have to try this out! Their Coffeeshop Kopi O lipbalm has this awesome, yummy coffee fragrance that's so uplifting (to coffee addicts like us). 
You can get it at only $9.50 HERE

Another goodie we received that night is a sample bottle of a pure and organic argan oil from Ayelli.
I'm going to try this out on my recently bleached hair and come back with a more detailed review of this amazing product, so do watch this space yeah? 

And did you think that was all? Of course not! 

Our "door gift" for the day is a bottle of raw, fresh and pure coconut water from cocoloco and a full sized clarifiying cleanser from spotless. Spotless is also really generous to give all you lovely readers a 40% off any of their skin treatment cream if you quote MOLLY-MIA. 
And as for the coconut water, it was pretty good! I do not truly enjoy drinking coconut juice/water due to a particular strong "coconut" sourish aftertaste that is a little unpleasant for me, but this tasted surprising light and refreshing! Even better, it's cold processed raw and without any additives or preservatives too! 

Till then,
Mia Foo


  1. What a fantastic event! I love it! And your nails look perfect. Nice choice of color, it suits you well.

  2. Wow, a blog meet at a Nail Salon haha. I love the cake pops from moofypops, although it should be more appropriate if the meet up was in a spa haha. Your nails look great, nice color.

  3. I love the fun activity of making your own lipbalm! How did yours turn out? which oils did you use?

  4. coconut juice is really good for health! It has detoxifying effect! Really envious that you get to join such fun events~ I want to join too!

    1. if you wishes to join the next blogmeetsg, you can email your full name and blog url to the organiser, Lucy, at lulabellelifestyle@gmail.com

  5. That floor surely sets the mood for customers as they go up the salon. The place looks cozy and your nails were nicely done. Love the nail polish lollies! :)

  6. The polish lollipops are so creative. I would love to be a part of something like this.

  7. It was indeed a brilliant evening to enjoy together and missed meeting you dear.

  8. You were really pampered here. The concept of the event is really nice for the bloggers.

  9. Those exit gifts look so good. They really made the pampering day all the more exciting even when the activity has already ended.

  10. Haven't been able to attend a nail spa party before and it would definitely be super fun. That nail polish you had looks nice, is that matte? And the cake pops looks so cute!! Plus you get to create your own balm. I hope I could attend an event like this soon :)

  11. So, the nail polish photo with a stick is a sweet right? It look so cute. Hope I can join such fun session.

  12. I love the personalized Coffeeshop Kopi O lipbalm. This meet up looks so fun and girls get together.

  13. Goodness.. the nail arts are beautiful! hopefully i get to join stuff like this


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