Thursday, 3 September 2015

Mia's Bangkok Travelogue: Hello Kitty House

Well, even though I'm not that much of a Hello Kitty fan (but I'm a pink fan), I still went in the end....
To Sanrio Hello Kitty House! 

Heh, actually this cafe wasn't part of my itinerary and I didn't even know where it was, until we stumbled upon it while searching for Eve And Boy at Siam Square and it kind of became a "since I saw it so I have to go" place.

The Hello Kitty sign is so huge, it's impossible to not see it as long as you're around Siam Square.

To dine in, we need to register with the usher and get a designated table on the floor plan given to us. If you can't read maps to save your life, good luck to you because you absolutely have to find your own table. This is a non-serving cafe and staff doesn't serve you at all, be it taking orders, delivering orders, or even showing you to your table. 

The entire cafe interior just screams HELLO KITTY and PINK! To all guys out there, it's better not to step foot into this cafe unless you're accompanying girls. It may really get kind of awkward. Heh!

The ridiculous cuteness does not just end at their decorations, but extended to their cakes and pastries as well. Look at those rainbow cakes and cheesecakes! 

You can also grab a Kitty head ice cream at 90 baht too. It's a little too pricey, I know. But what to do? Put a Hello Kitty head on anything and its price will two-fold. 

I got the Berry Smoothie while T chose one of their Iced Tea. 

The jelly balls in the tea was pretty fun to eat, but the drink itself was way too sweet for us. 

So was my Berry Smoothie. I couldn't even bear to finish it in the end because it just got way too sweet for me. 

And of course, even though I'm nowhere near being hungry (and still pretty full even) I still got myself a chocolate cake in the shape of a kitty head! 

Very rich, smooth and sweet, this decadent chocolate cake is a must try for all chocolate loving Hello Kitty fans out there! 

Hello Kitty House is located at Siam Square One, Bangkok. 
For more information, visit there Facebook HERE

Till then,
Mia Foo


  1. OMG really adorable. I know for sure if my daughter went there she would refuse to leave. Do they retail some of the furniture things?
    - Heena,

  2. It feels like im the only one who Is not a fan of hello kitty although that one is so adorable. I have a friend who collects hello kitty stuffs and it is pretty cool I think.

  3. I love themed cafes! I never tried a Hello Kitty one, but I should considering I live in Japan which is Hello Kitty central. I love the cute interior of the place, and yes, I agree - with themed cafes they tend to be pricey.

  4. I'm a huge fan of themed cafes. Loving this one by Hello Kitty too, although I'm too old for that anymore :(

    Chaicy - GIG Love

  5. OMGGGGGGGG!!! I'm a huge fan of Hello Kitty, although I'm too old for it but oh well ^_^
    Love your pics on the whole hun..

  6. That is just so cute and pink and adorable! I would love to visit there one day =)

  7. I LOVE HELLO KITTY! I think I'd die if I went here, it looks so cute. I'd love to try the chocolate cake

  8. I was never really a hello kitty fan but I am sure a lot of fans would love to visit this cute place.

    -Fatemah Sajwani

  9. hello kitty house! aww.. sounds already cute and making me tempted to visit there.

  10. lucky u!i so wish to visit this hello kitty restaurant for very long!

  11. Hello Kitty chocolate cake looks so delicious but I wouldn't have the heart to eat it. Its so cute, too :P :D

  12. Hello Kitty chocolate cake looks so delicious but I wouldn't have the heart to eat it. Its so cute, too :P :D

  13. I went to the Hello Kitty Cafe in Korea several times! It's a little expensive but really similar to this one. Those cakes are so yummy!

  14. Omg! This cafe is really cute! I wish we have Hello Kitty cafe here in Manila :)

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