Wednesday, 2 September 2020

BestInSingapore's Organic Fruit Delivery [Sponsored]

Fruit is nature's candy, do you agree? Fellow fruit-maniacs, let's fall in!

With the current Covid19 pandemic going on, most of us are not only trying to stay home as much as possible (eg. less grocery shopping at the market), but the food (or perhaps, just certain fruits?) supplies at the market also seems to have taken a dip (or maybe it's just me... T.T). Many times, I've ventured out of home and to the market with the plans of buying some of my favourite fruits for my mid-day snacking, but had to return home either disappointingly empty-handed or with some other random fruits instead. 

And so it got me thinking, how nice would it be if I were able to know which fruits are available for sale before I head out to the market. And it turns out, I can!
Thanks to Best In Singapore, I realised that we do have fruits delivery (my apologies for being like a frog in the well) and managed to try out Fruit Delivery Singapore, which is rated as one of the 10 best fruits delivery in Singapore

With over 80 types of fruits available, Fruits Delivery Singapore sources their organically farmed fruits from all over the world and parts of Southeast Asia, including regions of Malaysia, Thailand, Taiwan and Japan. As all their fruit supplies are grown by organic farming, there's no worries of ingesting traces of pesticides and other pesticides containing chemicals along with the fruits. 
At Fruit Delivery Singapore, overnight storage is not allowed, so any leftover unsold stock are disposed off by the end of the day. Their experienced packers are also trained to filter out fruits that don't qualify their strict quality protocol, so we can be assured that we will be getting the best quality fruits every time we make an order. And with 8 locations islandwide, we can easily enjoy our fresh fruits delivered right to our doorsteps in matters of only 2 hours (with free delivery for over $60 purchase)! 

And here's a selection of fruits I've decided to get for the family! Other than the entire family's usual favourite (that is not apples and oranges) guava, I've also carted mum's favourite pomelo, dad's favourite jackfruit, Dinosaur Grenade and Custard Apple. The two type of fruits I've heard of, and always wanted to try! 

Custard Apple - $12.90 for 2 pcs

Well, this was rather disappointing. But it's not you, custard apple, it's me. 
Just looking at how it looks, I'm totally expecting it to taste similar to soursop (they look so similar, don't they?). But instead of a refreshing tangy taste with a smooth and silky texture, I was greeted with an overwhelming sweetness and a slightly grainy and crisp texture. 
I'm kinda weird, but I do not like sweet fruits. So, sorry custard apple, you're not my cuppa tea. 

USA Dinosaur Grenade - $11 for 3 pcs

I've long heard my grandma mentioning about these dinosaur grenade (or dinosaur egg) and I so wished to try, but never seem to be able to find them anywhere. 
And now finally, I found you!

And then I realised, they're actually pluots, and probably got the impressive name due to their enormous size compared to other pluots. Extremely juicy and fleshy, with a refreshing sweet and tangy taste that's typical to pluots, these are so good! It's super satisfying to be able to take a huge bite out of the pluot without biting onto the pit (because they're so small in comparison). 

It seems like Fruits Delivery has also launched some fruit basket gift sets so be sure to check them out!
For more information on Fruits Delivery Singapore (AKA The Fruit Hut), do check out their website or FB
Also, do check out BestInSingapore for many more lists of the best of what Singapore has to offier! 
All food styling photographs credits to Fruit Delivery Singapore & Owari Photography 

Till then,
Mia Foo


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