Sunday, 17 November 2013

AgeLoc TR90 Tracker: 4th Week's Update

I remembered I've done a 3-change update 2 weeks ago and unfortunately, I believe I have to make some changes to it. Yes, the constipation part. 
To my greatest disappointment, I realised that the item that helped alleviate my constipation problem wasn't TR90, but Ya Kun's coffee. It was then that I realised, after starting on TR90, I've been reporting back to HQ more often as my site work has decreased significantly, hence I indulge in a cup of hot Ya Kun kopi siew dai every single morning. 
So yup, 1 brownie point taken off from TR90. 

And after ranting on the lack of help, I've received emails from a handful of helpful distributors claiming their success stories with TR90/TRA and also heard some frustrations from non-distributor TR90 eaters, stating that it really doesn't work on them, AT ALL. 
Hmm, why such a trend? I'm so very curious. 

Thanks for all the feedback sharing, fellow (honest) TR90-ers, do keep the comments coming in and let's keep going and updating each other. :)

Oh well, the 1.8k has been spent (answering one of the question posted in one of the TR90 tracker post only now, sorry I didn't notice that my reply to you didn't get posted.) and what else can I do other than to follow through with this programme and try to make the best out of it? 

So now, after striking off the cure of constipation off the benefit list, I realised there's really nothing that I can boast of with TR90. So for my 1st month's update, I'm very emotionally disturbed to tell you guys, that no results or whatsoever has been achieved. 

One of the distributors claimed that it's because I've not been eating well enough, hence I can't lose any weight with TR90. I've been counting calories for almost 1 year till date and I'm eating a minimum of 1200kcals daily, with relatively less carbs and proteins, and more vegetables and fruits. A body analysis shows that my body metabolism rate is 1250kcal as well. So why am I still not eating enough?! 
Nevertheless, I shall half-heed her advice and give it a shot, changing my breakfast intake from just an ordinary jam bun to home-made sandwich with multi-grain bread and including sources of protein (from meat and non-meat) and vegetables. 
It has been 1 week since I started the nutritious breakfast diet and my weight has INCREASED from 62.5kg to 62.8kg. 
But as this increased has been preempted by the distributor, I shall stick to the same diet and see how it goes. 
If by the next fortnight my weight is STILL increasing with no increase in muscle mass/drop in body fat, then GOD SAVE MY F*CKED UP DIETING LIFE.

Till then,


  1. 0.3kg only -_-
    like tat consider gain weight.. maybe u drink a cup of water before weighing yourself?

    1. which means it's not losing anything either. before throwing in the cash i read online reviews boasting huge loss in merely 7 days. now we know it's really a pack of lies cooked up by possibly unscrupulous distributors.

    2. yeah pixie. faint right? i just chuck 1.8k into the gutters to "see human heart". i could have spent a relaxing week in melbourne again with this 1.8k. T.T

  2. The whole plan cost you $1800 singapore dollars?

    1. yes, to be more exact it's $1850 or $1860.... can't rmb which.

  3. no weight loss aftr 1.5 mth but 1% fat loss. hopefully that's not a misreading.


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