Monday, 25 November 2013

Mia's Review: Stay Home Mum Cafe's Cake In A Jar

Just yesterday I visited this really pretty restaurant at Clarke Quay area with the FP girlies and since SHM Cafe is just nearby at The Central, I decided to pop by for a look. It was already pretty late when I got there and they seem to be clearing up for the night so I quickly picked one flavour out of the many yummy-looking ones and paid for my purchase. 
The cafe was really simply and clean, with a display fridge set out at the front of the cafe displaying all the pretty cakes in a jar and a few metal tables and chairs set out at a corner of the small cafe for customers to dine in if they wish. 

Their cake in a jar ranges from $4.50 to $7.90, typically falling between $6.50 to $7.90 ranges. 

Choco Monkey - $5.90

I think the name speaks it all, chocolate with bananas! It has a relatively thin (comparing to the rest of the chocolate cream/mousse) chocolate sponge cake topped up with a generous layer of rich chocolatey mousse cream, with slices of banana stacked within. And the fragrance of fresh bananas mixed with chocolate that came out of the jar upon popping open the lid simply put this on my (longggg) list of Happy Food

Just showing off the amount of banana slices you can find inside the chocolate mousse layer. 

And also giving you a better gauge of how big the jar is going to be. :) 

And I've already created a small list of must-try from their Cake in a Jar flavours:
Lychee Martini
Bailey Tiramisu
Cherry Brandy
Chocoholics aka Crunchy Choco
French Style Ichigo

Those who've tried them, do comment and let me know how were they, yeah? :)

SHM Cafe is located at The Central, #B1-27C
For more information, visit their website HERE and their Facebook HERE

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  1. I like best their Strawberry Ichigo Jar Cake. You should try their Mochi Too! Best in Singapore, no words can describe. Try it yourself :)

    1. I've never seen mochi flavour while I was there! Will keep a lookout for that.

    2. You got to pre order for mochi. They don't usually do for sales. It's freshly made for orders to keep the mochi skin soft and chewy. Sorry happen to read it and I am also a usual customer there

  2. The Choco crunch is really yum ! I like that much better than the Lychee Martini, even though the lychee one is supposed to be really popular...

  3. Tried their japanese strawberry shortcake in a jar on my first visit and it's awesome! Taste heavenly (:


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