Friday, 27 February 2015

Mia's Review: New Jergens Body Lotion [Sponsored]

Even though I suffer from oily combination skin on my face, the rest of my body are actually pretty dry, especially my legs.

It once got so bad that I developed patches of 'spider webs' on the front of my shins and when I went for my weekly tui na massage, the therapist even 'complained' to me that my skin was really dry, the oil she applied for the massage just get sucked dry by my skin almost immediately.

So naturally, I was pretty excited to receive the New Jergens body lotion from SampleStore.

According to Nielsen Retail Audit- MAT Nov 2014, Jergens is the number one body lotion brand in USA. The JERGENS® moisturising collection offers a range of products that transform skin for a noticeably improved look and feel. Every moisturiser in Jergens' collection is designed to enhance how our skin looks and feels, to leave us total-body beautiful. Each JERGENS® product is specially formulated to smooth away dryness and bring out glowing, healthier-looking skin. Jergens' moisturisers go beyond the ordinary to help our skin look its best, so our unique beauty can radiate from the inside out.

With the new formulation, New Jergens goes beyond just moisturizing, giving our skin a beautiful, envious glow (luminous skin). The range has been reformulated with a breakthrough Hydralucence blend with superior moisture that penetrates into five skin layers that provides long lasting luminosity, hydration, and continuous smoothness of the skin. It also helps eliminate dullness and dryness by creating a continuous layer of moisture on your skin to prevent hydration loss. Its long-lasting luminosity effect stems from the microscopic serum droplets in the product that forms a shield on the skin, giving it a healthy glow.

Catering to the different skin needs, the new body moisturiser range comes in three variants- the Daily Moisture for visibly smoother skin, the Soothing Aloe for visibly more refreshed skin and the Ultra Healing for visibly healthier skin.

First up, we have Jergens Soothing Aloe with pure aloe vera and cucumber extract to revive the skin for visibly more refreshed skin.

This lotion comes with a very slight greenish tinge and has the nicest scent among the three, with a sweet floral scent. It's also the lightest of the three, that leaves a refreshing sensation on the skin after application with no sticky feeling at all. Personally, I'll like this lotion best as a day use body lotion.

Next, we have Jergens Ultra Healing with vitamins C, E and B5 to repair the skin for visibly healthier skin.

Out of the 3, I feel that this has the thickest formulation and takes much longer to get fully absorbed into the skin, as compared to the light formulation of Soothing Aloe. The scent wise, Ultra Healing is also my least favourite of the three, with a pretty strong soapy scent that may get to your head (giving you the woozy feeling) if you're not a fan of strong soapy smells.
However, this worked the best on my horribly dried out shin (those patches with spider webs), leaving my skin feeling well moisturised and supple.
I actually applied a generous glob (1 press) onto the wet skin of my shin right after stepping out of the showers and massaged the lotion in until fully absorbed. Somehow, I find that applying lotion on wet skin gives a lighter and more matted finishing as compared to applying on dry skin, just that it takes a little longer for the lotion to get absorbed in.

Lastly, there's Jergens Daily Moisture with silk proteins and citrus extracts to improve rough texture for visibly smoother skin.

Out of the three, this seem to come right in the middle in every aspect and is my favourite pick for an all over body lotion. Scent wise, it's a slight perfumey smell which is more pleasant than Ultra Healing, albeit not as nice as Soothing Aloe.

The formulation is definitely much more moisturising than Soothing Aloe, yet lighter than Ultra Healing. The lotion spreads over the skin effortlessly and gets absorbed to a smooth, non-sticky feeling in matters of seconds, which makes it a good choice for both day and night use body lotion.

And now, please pardon my unshaved legs...

Before using Ultra Healing.

As you can see, the 'spider webs' are all over and 'densely' packed. T.T

 After using Ultra Healing.

Even though I've squeezed the skin together more tightly, the dry and crackly appearance is actually much less obvious than before. And as you can also see, my skin remains 'matte' with no oily and shiny residue.

The new Jergens body moisturiser range is available from mid February 2015 and comes in 400ml bottle packs, retailing at S$ 8.90 each at leading supermarkets, western pharmacies and personal care stores.

For more information, visit their website HERE.

Till then,
Mia Foo


  1. I love Jergens. Their ultra healing lotion definitely works.

  2. Never heard of this brand before. But there's seem improvement in your skin condition. Great review!

  3. I've always seen Jergens Body Lotion, but bought Nivea instead, because when I used Jergens, somehow, the effect is not as obvious as Nivea... But perhaps I will give it another try this time!

    1. nivea is a tad oily for me. you should try this new range out!

  4. If that really works for you then thumbs up for New Jergens body lotion.

  5. I'll check Ultra Jergens. The skin in my elbows need some work.

  6. I heard of this brand, Jergens but have not try it yet. The Ultra Healing moisturizer looks promising.

  7. Jergens is one of the trusted brands when it comes to skin care. The Ultra Healing lotion is my favorite - perfect for cold weather and for dry season too. My skin reacts to both kinds of weather situations, lol.

  8. I grew up with Jergens. My mom's brand of lotion and skin care products. A trusted brand of the family.

  9. Dry skin really sucks. That's why I prefer using Lotion to vaseline. I like my skin smooth and fresh. And though I haven't used their products, Jergens gets my upvote.

  10. I have used Jergens in the past and do like their products. Definitely a brand that works! Sim x

  11. I love the brand Jergens, everything I've used I liked! I might try this one =)

  12. Jergens is a reputable brand for years. It looks that the product is really effective and helps heal and keep skin healthy.

  13. You got a nice selection of their body lotion. It's a good skincare product and I can see that it worked well for you.

  14. Very nice descriptions and comparisons of these variants. I guess the Ultra Healing is really for heavy duty damaged dry skin hence the thickness of the lotion.

  15. I am amazed at this magical and immediate effect that you got with that miraculous New Jergens body lotion. Really a must for me for the spring season when we all start wearing short skirts.

  16. Nice review. gonna share this to my wife, she simply loves Jergens products.

  17. I can really see the after effect of putting on the Jergens lotion, they really do make a difference! I think i would prefer the soothing aloe.

  18. Nice moisturizing lotion! Hope it smells nice, too!

  19. I am a Jergens Musk fanatic. This is perfect for my skin type

  20. I've used Jergens for quite a while, but stopped since I opted to use unscented lotions these days. However, I think I'll pick up the Soothing Aloe and Ultra Healing variants when I see them in the drugstore. :)

    Anyway, great review Mia! And I hope your dry skin gets sorted out soon.

    PS: It's best to apply lotions and moisturizers on damp skin, as they don't promote "moisture" per se, but lock in the moisture instead. :)

  21. I love this natural remedy. Thanks for sharing. Everyday I nourish my skin with Sakare's Body Lotion that's packed with moisture.


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