Sunday, 8 December 2013

AgeLoc TR90 Tracker: 6th Week's Update

Frankly speaking I have no idea what else to update either. It has been 6 weeks (actually as I'm writing this entry it's more than 6 weeks) and no changes in my body. Following the advice of many distributors (or business partners, as what they prefer to call themselves for whatever reason) who contacted me through email, to increase my food intake, I've done likewise but still.... no results seen. 
I've seen quicker results (increase in muscle content + drop in fat content) by working my arse off at the gym.
Face it, this doesn't work unless perhaps you really put yourself in a strict diet and doesn't eat even 1 baby bite of something that's not in the 'recommended' diet. 
So for those who are seriously considering spending the 1.8k to try out this 3 months program only after reading (possibly fake) reviews of how quick results were seen even when they tend to 'cheat' on the diet every now and then, please reconsider. 
SGD 1.8k is not a small sum to waste like this. 

Plus, all the pills swallowing is traumatising. It really didn't help when their lifepak (the multi-vitamins mix of 4 large pills per packet) actually stinks and putting them in my mouth makes me want to gag. 
So my decision to just stick to Control and Complex and chuck lifepak aside while trying my best to persuade the distributor my cousin bought her sets from to let me exchange for other less nauseating products. She agreed to let me exchange them for the other green tea extract product, which comes in capsules (so no stinking smell) and requires less daily intake. 
And after this agreement, no more follow up.
And why am I not surprised?

Oh well, I guess I have no choice but to continue bugging her for the exchange, I guess. The boxes of lifepak are just collecting dust in a corner anyway. No harm being annoying to get my money back, albeit in another form. 

Fellow true TR90-eaters, do share your progress with me either via comments or email. Any form of truthful, good advice is more than welcomed. 

Till then,


  1. Hi, I too TR90 victim. no any result after almost 2 mothns taking it. i drop some when i take

  2. Hi would like to know the progress of taking TR90, I saw some of my friends lost weight after 20 days.. Been considering.. Any advice?

    1. don't bother. if you have the discipline to follow strict diet, then just diet without popping these pills at 2k for 3 mths.


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