Sunday, 28 June 2015

Mia's Review: Velvet Confectionery [Media Invite]

Over the weekend, I was really glad to be stuffed with nothing else but cakes, along with my blogger-buddies, JanelOYHZ and Andrea over at Velvet Confectionery.

 Located at Watermark Condominium, near Kith Cafe, it's a pretty simple looking, 'no gimmicks' kind of bakery cafe that can give you a river view with pretty simple alfresco seatings. 

But I do agree that the nearby construction works and buildings are a big distraction to a potentially awesome chillax weekend, sipping a cup of coffee 'by the river'. 

With minimal decorations to the cafe, patrons are directly shown the best of what they've got to offer upon stepping into the cafe. Their selection of cakes for the day!

But of course, they do serve pretty good coffees, tea and even some sparkling sodas to quench your thirst on a hot day.

Floral Berry & Passionfruit Sparkling Soda

It's a pity the cute straw didn't work out very well, as it kind of melted down in the drink for it's actually a layer of paper wrapped over plastic.
The icy soda was truly a saviour in the unforgivably hot weather and the taste is actually very light and with just a slight sweetness of the berries flavour and with a hint of floral. 

And... here comes the cakes!

Nutella Cheesecake

This definitely has to be my favourite of the lot with it's soft, creamy texture of nutella flavoured cheesecake seated on top of a generously thick later of cookie crumbs based that tasted just like the oh-so-yummy caramalised biscuits. 
Plus, there's even a Ferrero Rocher to up the omph-factor. Can you imagine that?

Carrot Cake

One of their best sellers, this carrot cake is truly of a monstrous serving size! Not a fan of carrot cakes at all, because I believe they're savoury (Andrea did mentioned she has tried a carrot cake elsewhere that's more savoury than sweet too), this carrot cake did kind of surprised me for they're pretty sweet! Stuffed full of carrot bits, raisins and chopped walnut, this will indeed be a popular choice for those who love a sweet carrot cake!

Red Velvet Brownie

A layer of densely packed, moist and slightly chewy brownie with an equally thick cream cheese layer with beautiful red velvet swirls that's chocolatey and yet not overly sweet. A good choice for those cream cheese and red velvet lovers out there. 

Lemon Olive Oil Yoghurt Loaf

Baked without any butter, but substituted with olive oil and yoghurt, this is indeed their more diet-friendly choice for those ladies who's keeping a tight watch on their waistline and yet is losing a battle against their sweets-craving. The omission of butter has given this cake loaf a pretty dense and moist-crumbly texture while it's taste is very lemony, light and not too sweet.

And that's not all, for we also have some cute cupcakes!

Devilish Chocolate Cupcake

I had this with a cup of coffee (they have pretty good coffee too) the previous time I visited and it was a true comfort to my pretty bad (and rushed) day at work earlier. I mean, chocolate and coffee, how can this combination not lift up your mood, huh? 

The cake can be pretty dense when it's just served straight out of the fridge, so do leave it sitting around for a while before digging in. The chocolate cake is actually pretty light in taste by itself but makes a good match when paired up with the rich chocolatey frosting. 

 Blue Velvet Cupcake

This is just like a red velvet cupcake, made blue. Just like the chocolate cupcake, the cake itself taste really light while the cream cheese frosting packed in all the sweetness you'll need for a cupcake. 
Well, kind of sick of looking at a red velvet cake, why not have them blue instead? 

And just a behind the scene shot....

Oyhz came without the mother of my Samsung NX Mini (her big, pink samsung camera) and had to use her trusted iPhone to snap pictures instead. 

For the month of July, Velvet Confectionery will be giving a promotion for all my lovely readers out there. All you have to do is to follow them on Instagram (@velvetconfectionery) and quote "MollyMia" to enjoy your choice of cake with a cup of hot coffee (latte or cappuccino) or hot tea for just $10 on weekdays. 

Velvet Confectionery is located at 7 Rodyk Street, #01-30 Watermark @ Robertson Quay
Opens 1030am - 630pm (Closed on Tuesdays)
For more information, visit their Facebook HERE

Till then,
Mia Foo


  1. The photos look good with Janel's styling! Gonna kope ya, haha :p

    ps: I've found mother cam finally, phewwww.

    1. the next day (after this cake tasting) we met for a food trail. and she brought her own white tablecloth!

    2. The tampines one? OMG she's super diligent! Next thing we know, she might whip out some florals or decor stuff too. and a makeshift table top to place the food outside under sunlight wahhahaha.

  2. oh that's great to hear hui zi

    janel so hardworking with food styling

  3. food looks so tempting - brownie, cupcakes and i am totally in love with mason jars and the decor here. These handwritten boards gives such a nice warm feeling to the place.

  4. The sweet tooth in me had me drooling over these luscious desserts. The floral berry sounds interesting. I am trying to imagine the tartness of the berry and the scent of flower.

  5. One can't go wrong with sumptuous desserts, drinks, and a nice view. Everything that you shared with us just looks delicious - Velvet Confectionery is a sure blockbuster.

  6. I love their presentation with the cute doilies. If I were to choose, I'll try the red velvet brownie.

  7. Oh my! I super love cupcakes especially the red velvet brownie!

  8. They have really tasty cakes and cupcakes here. I also am not fond of paper straws as it doesn't last for a full drink.

  9. These cupcakes look so good! I like that they do not have too much icing. I usually just remove the icing because it is too sweet.

  10. Oh my! What a feast of sweets!!! Nutella cheesecake with fererro on top! I want some of those!

  11. Oh my! What a feast of sweets!!! Nutella cheesecake with fererro on top! I want some of those!

  12. It was a blast to see all those desserts. After all, who doesn’t like cakes? As for the straw, I know what you mean. They do look cute, but melts quickly.

  13. That red velvet brownie looks very yummy! And the cakes are all beautifully crafted! It's good that even though their interiors are simple, they were able to bring out their A game with the sweets. :)

  14. Nice review and those cakes look so tempting. I wanna take a bite of that Nutella Cheesecake.

  15. My stomach is growling looking at those gorgeous desserts. You must have had an amazing time :D

  16. Omg! Omg! you just make me drooled. I think i am going to try their Nutella Cheesecake and Red Velvet Brownies on my next trip to Singapore.

  17. oh my, i would definitely ask for one of each from the store! i love everything youve photographed

  18. Hey, nothing wrong with using iPhone! I'm an iPhonographer too! Haham iPhone takes great photos too!

  19. The sweets are making me drool! Haha! Awesome photos and I really wanna visit!! :)

  20. I want the Nutella cheesecake and the red velvet brownie.The place looks cozy to stay with friends.

  21. I love cakes~~~~ I think this is a very great place to enjoy during weekend.

  22. The red velvet brownie and blue velvet cupcakes would be my picks!! How are their coffees?

  23. I love these cakes! Different designs are flowing into the confectionary world and lots of it have different tastes.

  24. I have a very sweet tooth so I'm always game for some dessert! Love the cakes and cupcakes you've showcased, mostly the chocolate ones.


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